Engine by DeTar

Ted DeTar built all of Gene Snow’s race engines from 1965 to 1968. The Rambunctious ran AHRA and NHRA. The Rambunctious was the 1965 Record Holder in NHRA with an ET of 9.30 and 152.80 mph.

Chuck Grimsley and Ted DeTar were The racing team of the 60’s. Ted built this car into an AWB funny car in 1966. Chuck was ranked third in Drag World’s Super Stock Top 10. The Pasadena Dodge is presently owned by Brent Hajek of Ames, OK.

This car started out as a Super Stock car from the Golden Commandos, then sold to Harry Baker which was called “Shoot you’re Faded”. That car, started out as a 11: something car, then turned in stages as a AWB car by Ted DeTar. First time out with the wrong pistons at Wichita, turned 10:80’s, so the nitro mix wasn’t all that turned up. Tim Baker used to drive this car for his dad who owned Harry Baker’s Motors of Newton, KS. This car was ranked 9th in Drag World’s Super Stock Top 10.