Ted’s Accomplishments

What can you do in 6 years? I’m sure I missed a few since Teds shop was right in the middle of the USA. Hence, his shop was the place to stop at if traveling from coast to coast or for specialized work. In 6 years only-this is what he accomplished and I didn’t count the Drag Boat engines either, too bad his life was cut short, he was such a promising Super Star in the Drag Racing World Stage. Since Match Racing was where the Money was at and Fans wanted to see Nitro Injected Altered Wheelbase Funny Cars, in 1966 Ted and his racing partner Chuck Grimsley traveled the USA to Match Race the Rebel Rouser, the Pasadena Dodge and Ted’s new creation the 65 Falcon called the Kansas Badman. No other car was like it, he was actually supposed to bring a Mustang to the shop, but it was already sold!! So there you have it, we’re going to start this 1966 season with some Nitro, but first, lets look at what he got done in just 6 years. Ted DeTar, cars he worked on, built engines for, cars he drove, cars he converted to Altered Wheel Base, or Modified.

63 Plymouth of Dave Rupps, the Red Bandit

64 Ramcharger Super Stock car, the Big Money Dodge

65 Ramchargers Mule car, sponsored by Spencer’s Dodge

65 B/FX Super Stock car, the Road Runner

63 Split Window Corvette of Pete Arend, the Mongoose

65 Dart of Gene Snow, the Rambunctious

65 Dodge AWB Mr Tomato of Robert Lindquist Sr.

64 Plymouth of Harry Baker Motors AWB

65 Plymouth AWB of Chuck Ostrich

65 Dodge AWB of Chuck Grimsley

64 Dodge turned AWB Big Money Dodge, in 66

65 Falcon AWB, Kansas Badman

64 Dodge AWB of Terry Ivey, the Poison Ivey Dodge

65 Dart of Len Silvers, the Bloody Red Baron

67 Plymouth Satellite of Walt Ramsden, turned Super Stock

67 Plymouth Satellite of Weldon Christian, turned Super Stock

67 Dodge Coronet, the Dallas Hemi, of Ken Bradley, S/S

68 Dart Dallas Hemi of Ken Bradley, S/S

68 Fiberglass Flopper Dart of Gene Snow

68 Super Stock Dart of Gene Snow

66 “Sprite” Chevelle of Tommy Warhurst

68 Fiberglass Torino GT-the Kansas Badman with Garlan Smith

I often wonder how much more he could have done if not for the accident. If any of you know of any more he could have done, please let me know.

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